Keep Your Head Down

I’ve learned a few things from being an independent author and as someone who loves to write and tell stories, and it’s this: Just Do Your Thing. When I saw this quote from Michael Connelly, I paused, and then posted it on my Instagram page, where I post often about writing (and some fashion, too!)….

Be Careful Or You’ll End Up In My Novel…and other thoughts…

*** Sometimes I want to toss my novel out the window. I completely understand what Dorothy Parker meant when she said, “This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.” I’ve been working on Beneath the Mimosa Tree for so long that I would be lying if…

Quote of the Day

“Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn’t wait to get to work in the morning:  I wanted to know what I was going to say.”   ~Sharon O’Brien

Quote of the Day

“There’s nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” ~Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith