A Little Fairy Magic … and Imagination

* Mystical fairies looking after us, guiding us, keeping watch over us—it’s not a bad idea, really. We could all use a fairy godmother or godfather every once in a while. Think about how many of us wish Harry was real and there was a place called Hogwarts; why not want to cling to the […]

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On Creative Leadership, Creativity, and Nonsense

* * * For the last couple of years, I’ve become very interested in researching what it takes to be a creative leader. Malcolm Knowles wrote a book entitled, “The Adult Learner, A Neglected Species.” From that book I’ve conducted research on creative leadership and what it takes to be a creative leader, both in […]

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Goodbye, Steve Jobs

One man. One Apple. Thank you, Steve Jobs, for my iMac and for my G4 and all the others before that. The 1984 Apple Macintosh Super Bowl Commercial still goes down as one of the greatest television ads of all time. If you don’t believe me, look at the lists… We appreciate that you helped […]

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