Compare Yourself to a Hopeless Romantic

Do you believe this? This is the prompt I got handed today. COMPARE YOURSELF TO A HOPELESS ROMANTIC. But I AM a bloody hopeless romantic, so I can’t compare myself to myself! Look—some people know they are certain ways. For example, someone who’s a realist looks at the world through that lens—the lens of realism….

If You’re Going To Call Me A Name, Let It Be This

I’m 5’1″. I’ve been called short before, and a lot of other names, too, that I’d rather not recall. Nobody’s perfect. But now that I’m all grown up (debatable), if you are going to call me a name, let these words roll off your tongue: That girl is a hopeless romantic. That’s a nomenclature I…

Best Part About “Anna Karenina”? The Costumes

“All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.” ~ Leo Tolstoy This week, I went with my dear friend Diana to see “Anna Karenina.” It’s one of her favorite books by Leo Tolstoy. Admittedly, I’ve never read the book, though Tolstoy’s gift as a writer is something I should probably examine at…

Why I Can’t See “Titanic” in 3D

Dear Readers, So it’s here: “Titanic” in 3D. It’s been 15 years since we’ve seen the film on the big screen, and now it’s back as that mogul James Cameron tries to lure film buffs to return to theatres to see it in a new way. The James Cameron 3D way. I’ve discussed “Titanic” with…

How Romantic Are You?

Hopeless romantic: A hopeless romantic is someone who very much believes in love, to the extent that it is often said they are in love with love. They also have a penchant for romantic actions both big and small. (This is my favorite definition from Yahoo! Answers.) I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately….