The Postcard & Other Short Stories & Poetry

ThePostcardCoverThis summer, I will release a collection of my short stories and poetry I’ve had sitting around for a while. It was my mother who suggested I put it together. These days, as people have less and less free time to get involved with longer novels, short stories can fill the void of wanting to read, but not having oodles of time to devote to it.

I’ve always loved the short form. I enjoy crafting a condensed story, which requires writers to tell it succinctly, but with detail, so that readers can become involved in both character and plot rather quickly.

I’m including in the collection the original work I wrote called “Contelli’s Mimosa,” which was the short story on which I based my first novel, “Beneath the Mimosa Tree.” Although I completely rewrote the story, the first one was crafted many years ago when I was a graduate student at Towson University for my dear professor George Friedman. While it was rather melancholy and didn’t particularly have a happy ending, it was something I wrote at that time in my life after attending my grandmother’s funeral, so I guess I was feeling a bit down, hence the sadness of “Contelli’s Mimosa.” I dusted it off and will include it in the collection just because so many people have asked about the inspiration for my first novel.

Additionally, as tough as it is sometimes, I’ve decided to bare my soul and include some of my poetry in it as well.

I’ll let you know when it’s available.


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