Podcast 6 – Joining a Writers Group

I did something new, you guys.

I joined a writers group (and got new glasses…but it’s the writing group I want to talk about).

It’s a blissful thought to me: a bunch of people who love writing talking about writing.

Truthfully, I’ve wanted to join a writers group for a while, and the time has come for me. It’s time to be inspired by others, work with others, share ideas with others, and brainstorm with others who enjoy writing.

Our first meeting energized me last night, and you may be able to hear the level of enthusiasm I’m feeling in today’s podcast.

But we could use some help: if you are a member of a writing group, share some of your stories with us! We would love to hear how you conduct your group, including the good and the bad of it you have learned along the way.

So without further ado, here is today’s podcast that talks a little more about joining a writing group.


Podcast Cover-6

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