Podcast 4 – Addressing Some Questions From Last Week’s Book Talk

Hi All!

Today’s podcast begins with a review of some of the questions I received at last week’s book talk at the library. I’m hoping the answers will help you as you continue your writing journey.

Let me know if you have any other questions — I am HAPPY to help in any way I can.

Happy writing, and thanks for listening!



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Stephanie Verni is Professor of Communication at Stevenson University. She has authored five works of fiction and one academic text on Event Planning. Her character-driven books are typically set in Maryland to showcase the beauty of her state. Connect with her on Instagram at stephanie.verni or on Twitter at @stephverni. Or, visit her Amazon page at Stephanie Verni, Author.

I've been blogging at Steph's Scribe since 2011. Professionally, I'm a writer, author, blogger, and a full-time professor at Stevenson University. Personally, I'm married with two children. My hobbies, which I often blog about, are reading, travel, fashion, movies, and sharing funny family stories or life wisdom. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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