Treating Your Hair To A Day Out

I have a few complaints about the middle-aged years, such as my bad back and newfound wrinkles, but one additional item for the list is how your hair changes as the greys come in. So today I DID A THING! I got the Keratin treatment on my hair and it’s amazing! Nancy at Park Salon & Barber in Severna Park, Maryland, pulled it off again, and I love it!

When I was in Savannah, Georgia, a few years ago, a woman in a salon said to me, “You would be a good candidate for a Brazilian blowout.” My hair was gigantic from the humidity, and I’ve thought about doing this for a couple of years now.

I finally bit the bullet, saved up for it, and had it done today. I can’t tell you how great it feels so far! For curly, unruly hair, it’s recommended a couple of times a year. You can bet I’ll be trying to sell a few extra books just to have this done again.


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