Let’s Do This Thing

I’m back to motivate you.

Are you open to it?

Do you have an idea for a novel, memoir, nonfiction story, or a collection of short stories that you need to give some time to this month?

You’re in luck.

Welcome to National Novel Writing Month, or as we call it for short, #nanowrimo.

We’re here to help you get moving.

Along with my friends at the Stevenson University Library, our job tonight is to inform you on the best ways to go about writing and producing your book.

In one hour, we’ll have you inspired and on your way to beginning this exciting path to writing and publishing a novel.

That’s the goal.

Hope to see you here on Steph’s Scribe throughout the month where we will post  additional pushes and motivational messages to keep you going. If you happen to be local, tonight we’re officially kicking off the endeavor on campus with the Library in the Claire Moore Room in Garrison Hall on Stevenson University’s campus at 6 pm.

I’m ready. I’m inspired. I’m ready to write.

I hope you are, too.

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