Eating My East Coast Snobbery and That One Sentence

Steph's Scribe

DSC_0108If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you I’m horrible at admitting when I’m wrong, so I figured I’d practice eating my words today with the hope that I may become better at acknowledging when I am incorrect.

Over and over again throughout my years, I have uttered this singular sentence: I am an East Coast girl.

It has been a conscious decision to say these words. And I said them with pride and an air of snobbery.

Now—here it comes, so get ready—because I have to eat my words. Every ounce of arrogance that is linked to that one sentence is false. It’s a lie, an error in judgment. It’s utterly ridiculous. Because they say that travel opens us up; every experience we have when we travel changes us.DSC_1018

So today, as I sit on my back porch right now, the humidity wreaking havoc on my hair, perspiration running…

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