My Husband’s Favorite Christmas Cookie

Reposted this today because I just made them. They still rank as tops for our favorite cookies at Christmas.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Steph's Scribe

Raspberry StrippersToday, I’m breaking the rule that my husband set forth upon me when I started this blog of mine. His stern warning came in the form of this: “Do not blog about me.”

Okay, my darling, I won’t blog about you.

However, I will blog about your favorite cookie.

Cookies are fair game, right?

Of course they are! And because we all tend to watch our weight, we still deserve something sweet and delicious.

These low-calorie Raspberry Strippers have been a Christmas tradition for years now. I found the recipe years ago in my Cooking Light magazine, and have been making them ever since (sometimes even when it’s not Christmas).

Nevertheless, here’s the link to the Strippers.

Plus, it’s a bonus that they have a great name.

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