FROCKTOBER Week 2 | What I Wore


In celebration of #FROCTOBER, I’m doing a quick recap of what I wore this past week. I’ve been posting daily on my Instagram feed (stephverni), and it’s been fun. It makes me think, though, because it’s a lot of pressure to post an outfit you think is good enough to feature as a Frocktober favorite. I’m a petite, regular gal, and the correct proportions of my clothing matters; it’s one of the things I learned when I became a fashion consultant. We tend to want to wear all the latest trends whether they suit us or not, but if our body type/size/shape/height doesn’t work for that trend, we have to let it go. The key to good style—and finding your own brand of personal style—is wearing what works best on your body; you must know what fits well and makes you look your best, and it’s not always easy. I’d love to wear a lot of the big, loose fitting clothes, but it will make me look like I’m wearing a tent–they will overwhelm my small stature. Therefore, think about your proportions and always keep them in mind when buying clothes, especially when you buy clothing that you want to last a while. Honestly, though, it doesn’t matter if you buy something at Nordstrom or Target or a high-end boutique, if it’s the right color and proportion, it will probably look fabulous on you. (And you will see from my collection, I buy things from everywhere…for me, it’s all about balance and proportion).

And now, on to what I wore this week, starting with what I wore on Sunday…

Day 2 | #FROCKTOBER Sunday errands and grading at the library. Topshop top from #Nordstrom; good old fashioned #Levi’s jeans; #Kanna shoes from Spain; #Maxx red leather bag.
Day 3 of #FROCKTOBER features this #ootd for Monday on campus. Plum long sleeved blouse from #anntaylor; black pocket skirt from #anntaylorloft; shoes from our own #Annapolis, #Maryland native and designer #christiansiriano for #paylessshoes in wine; #ralphlauren bag.
Today’s #FROCKTOBER #ootd … Day 4 on campus … forcing myself to step away from my mostly black wardrobe and into some color. #moulinettesoeurs purple dress and #charlieandrobin sweater from #anthropologie; #vaneli grey suede button boots.
#FROCKTOBER continues with #whatiworetoday on Day 5  on campus with this #ootd. Blue dress from #bananarepublic; brown tweed blazer from #thelimited; brown suede, stacked heel boots from #ninewest; one of my go-to, all-time favorite necklaces is not expensive but comes from #target; bag by #davidjonesbags. @lisarinna inspired hair (love her).
#FROCKTOBER is rolling along on Day 6 with this #ootd — #whatiworetoday on campus? Straight legged pants from #whitehouseblackmarket; blue blouse by #xhilaration; black, fringe peep-toe booties by #sodashoes; necklace from #charmingcharlie; bag by #michaelkors. Bring on Friday and our semester fall break which begins tomorrow afternoon. Thursday smiles, all!!
Day 7 | From earlier today before I was under the weather comes today’s boho-inspired Friday #FROCKTOBER #ootd — Wore this #laurenconrad dress with grey #boden suede boots and a hat from #maddengirl. Happy Friday!
Day 8 | Saturday feels for #frocktober in this comfy #ootd ... #laurenconradcollection top with her jeans (great fit)! Wearing my #sodashoes booties on my feet; #maddengirl hat. Ready for an evening with family. Happy rainy Saturday!
Day 8 | Saturday feels for #FROCKTOBER in this comfy #ootd … #laurenconradcollection top with her jeans (great fit)! Wearing my #sodashoes booties on my feet; #maddengirl hat. Ready for an evening with family. Happy rainy Saturday!

See you next week!

xx |

Stephanie Verni is the author of Baseball Girl, Beneath the Mimosa Tree, and the co-author of Event Planning: Communicating Theory and Practice.






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