All The Books We Want to Read | Building Your Summer Reading List

My Spring & Summer Reading Pile of Books | Steph's Scribe
My Spring & Summer Reading Pile of Books | Steph’s Scribe


Today is my last weekday of spring break, and I’m about to finish up some spring cleaning and attack some final grading. Additionally, I stacked up my summer reading list; that is, I have made a pile of books I want to read this summer. It gives me something to look forward to—seriously. I thoroughly enjoy summer days spent by the pool or beach reading.

I’m currently reading After You by Jojo Moyes. It is the sequel to Me Before You. So far, I’m enjoying it. I’m a big fan of Jojo Moyes, and I don’t expect to be let down at all. Her easy, yet vivid writing along with punchy dialogue makes her one of my all-time favorites. On my CD in the car (I have a 40-minute commute to work each way), I am listening to Adrianna Trigiani’s The Shoemaker’s Wife. I know I will love this one as well. After I finish After You, it’s on to this month’s book club book our group picked—a lighter read, as we have read a lot of heavy WWI and WWII books lately—Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep A Secret? That should be fun.

The books on my list are pictured above. There are so many more I’d like to add to the list, but for now, this is the starting point.

If you are reading this and had me as a writing professor, you can hopefully answer this not-so-trick question: How do we become better writers?

We become better readers.

Just read. Read a lot. Read what you like.

But always be reading.


If you’ve read anything lately that you thought was outstanding, fun, light, or intriguing, help me grow my reading list by offering some suggestions. I love to hear what you are all enjoying.


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  1. Liz Brooks says:

    Can You Keep a Secret is a great book! Super fun and a quick read! I remember reading it while in high school thinking, “Oh, is this what adult life is like?”.

    I received an ARC of Everyone Brave is Forgiven- it takes place during WWII in London and follows 3 characters, Mary, Tom, and Alastair, and their time during WWII. If you like All The Light We Cannot See, you should look in to Everyone Brave is Forgiven as well. Also, maybe check out One True Loves as well. That was a fascinating novel.

    1. Thanks, Liz! Always good to hear from you and I will take those recommendations and add them to my growing list!

  2. I enjoyed reading the Nightingale by Kristin Hannah – very moving ending.

    1. I hear it is wonderful. I can’t wait to spend some time with it. Thanks, Elisabeth.

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