Springtime in Annapolis

This morning I decided to do a little research for the novel I’m working onβ€”yes, I’m writing again, and I’ve got two chapters under my belt thus far. However, despite the fact that I’ve lived in the Annapolis area for quite a while, I wanted to take a stroll along some of the streets I don’t normally walk around when my daughter and I shop down there. We typically hit Main Street and the Annapolis Dock, get an ice cream or coffee, and wander around the shops. Today, I stayed up by St. John’s College and Maryland Avenue, popping in and out of Prince George Street, King George Street, East Street, and College Avenue. I was looking for some inspiration. When I write about something, I need to have a good image in my head of the setting–of exactly where my characters will live and breathe. With help from a lovely woman I met this morning named Jenny, who offered up some history of the area and some people with whom she thought I should meet, I’m getting really excited about this novel.

So with my Nikon in hand and the quiet streets of a weekday morning in Annapolis at my feet, I’m sharing the photographs I took from a morning’s walking tour of Annapolis…











My first book was set in Annapolis. I guess the old adage is true: write what you know.

Beneath the Mimosa Tree, my first novel, is set in Annapolis.

2 thoughts on “Springtime in Annapolis

  1. Did you venture into the Irish pub on this ST. PAT’S DAY? They have some of the best corned beef & cabbage you’ll ever taste! Mom

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