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Mercury Glass For A Touch of Sparkle

Mercury glass
These beautiful candlestick holders are on my mantle. They stay there all year, and at Christmas, I add crystals and twinkle lights. They are one of my favorites.


I’ve always found that mixing elements of old with elements of new adds that personal touch to a home. Making your place feel like it’s yours gives it that warm and welcoming feeling. Whether you’re mixing old photographs with new photographs or old furniture with new furniture, the blending of elements is what makes your home uniquely yours. Mercury glass, also known as silvered glass, is one of those elements that can be incorporated into your decor: it just makes everything a little prettier, and stores like Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Home Decorators, and Pier One all sell products featuring Mercury glass.

The candlesticks pictured above decorate the mantle in my home. I bought them at Home Goods. I love the elegance they add to my dining room (our fireplace is in the dining room), and when the candles are glowing, they become a focal point.

The first products made of Mercury glass came from England, and in 1855, America saw its first pieces of it.

Featured here are some photographs of Mercury glass, plus some ideas for decorating with it.


Mercury Votive from Wayfair.com
Mercury Votive from http://www.wayfair.com
Madison Etched Mer Bottles homedecorators
Madison Etched Mercury Bottles. http://www.homedecorators.com
Regina Andrew Mercury Pendant from candelabra.com
Regina Andrew Mercury Pendant from http://www.candelabra.com
Beautiful Mercury glass display by Ballard Designs. www.ballarddesigns.com
Beautiful Mercury glass display by Ballard Designs. http://www.ballarddesigns.com
Lovely table setting by bellaflowersinc@wordpress.com
Lovely table setting by http://www.bellaflowersinc@wordpress.com
Romantic wedding setting by weddingromantique.com
Romantic wedding setting by http://www.weddingsromantique.com

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