5 Accessories to Help Perk Up Your Wardrobe

The months of January, February, and March can seem to drag on sometimes, especially here in the Northeast. To help get yourself out of the winter doldrums, you can exercise, eat well, spend time with friends and family, and add some accessories to perk up your wardrobe. It always makes me feel good to find a little something that can help alter the looks of what already is hanging in my closet. Here are five suggestions of things you can add now to help infuse some life and color into what you already own.

Photo credit: Charming Charlies

#1 Add a pop of color with a statement necklace. This one, from Charming Charlies, features turquoise and silver, and is so versatile. Wear it as the model is wearing it here with white lace, or let it really pop off of blacks and greys.

Photo credit: glamradar.com

#2 Add a colorful scarf. Do not be afraid to wear color near your face–you just need to know what colors work best for you. Do you wear jewel tones better or do more earthy tones work for you? This will depend on your skin coloring, your eye color, and your hair color.

Photo credit: naimabarcelona.tumbler.com

#3 Grey boots as a neutral. The best thing about grey is it is a neutral and can go with any color, including black, blue, red, pinks, greens, and tans. I just bought myself some grey suede heeled boots that do not go over the knee, but the choice is yours. Grey adds so much versatility to your wardrobe.

Michael Kors tote
Michael Kors tote

#4 Michael Kors Tote in patent leather. What’s great about this bag is its ability to be dressed up or dressed down. Depending on your outfit, this bag has the ability to act as the perfect accessory.

Photo credit: Anthropologie.com

#5 Fringefare Topper from Anthropologie. Adding a spunky topper to your outfit can dress up jeans or a skirt or black slacks…the possibilities are endless. Wear it with a statement necklace for a more dramatic look, or by itself for more funky simplicity.

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      There’s one in Annapolis Mall. Lulu’s also has the same kind of merchandise, all organized by color. There’s one on Main Street in Annapolis and one at Annapolis Town Center. I don’t recall either of them in Columbia, but I could be wrong…maybe at the mall? I love that store. Can get lost in there for hours.

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