10 Great Gift Ideas for Readers

Are you trying to find that perfect gift for that special someone you know who loves to read? I’ve assembled a great list of varying priced gifts to help make your shopping a little easier. I scoured the internet for gifts that are varied and worthwhile. Besides gifting someone with an actual book to read (which is always nice!), you can go for one of these other ideas. Happy hunting!

Simply click on the image and it will take you directly to the website.

#1 – Book Ornament, $12.99, cafepress.com

Flip Flops

#2 – Book Lovers Flip Flops, $16.99, cafepress.com


#3-Stainless Steel Travel Mug ($22.50) & others like this, cafepress.com

BannedBooks basbleu.com#4 – Banned Books Socks, $13.95, Basblue.com

WWJD basbleu#5 – What Would Jane Austen Do?, $10.00, basblue.com

Tiffany.com heart bookmark#6 – Elsa Peretti Heart Bookmark, $60.00, Tiffany.com

PersonalLibrary usefulthings.com

#7 – Personal Library Kit, $15.95, personalthings.com

clock heliotropehome#8 – Book Clock, $30.00, heliotrope.com

Dickens Levenger

#9 – A Christmas Carol Original Manuscript by Charles Dickens, $59.00, levenger.com


#10 – Revolving Bookcase, $699.00, Pottery Barn Teen

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