The Appeal of Neutrals in Your Wardrobe

Actress Rachel Bilson in neutrals.

I thought I’d throw a lighthearted post in before the holidays begin about fashion…

We all have neutral colors in our wardrobe, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that neutrals can mix with each other. Where once upon a time you didn’t mix black with brown, I’m happy to report, those days are over. (A few years ago, I had students tell me I wasn’t allowed to mix brown and black!) Mixing neutrals (browns, blacks, blues, greys, tans) can be fun, and the result can be a very elegant look. Don’t be afraid to pair grey with brown or tan with navy. You can later decide if you want to add a pop of color—red, yellow, orange, or bright blue—but ultimately, neutrals go together. I’ve been having fun playing with these new combinations in my own wardrobe, and I find the possibilities are endless. Here are 14 looks you can copy right now.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Nobody wears neutrals better than Jen Aniston.
Nobody wears neutrals better than Jen Aniston.


Kate Middleton knows how to rock some neutrals.
Kate Middleton knows how to rock some neutrals.


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