Smashing Pumpkins: A Story

Smashing Pumpkins: A Short Story

I posted this short story last year for a brief period of time. This story’s always been near and dear to my heart and is probably one of my favorite things I’ve written. If you like it, why not consider reading “Beneath The Mimosa Tree,” and perhaps even my upcoming novel called “Baseball Girl.” Coming in March. Happy Halloween!


Janie’s big house on the water overlooked Annapolis in St. Margaret’s and had recently been featured in Annapolitan Magazine. Her father and mother had purchased the renovated show home two years ago, before her mother took it upon herself not to care about anything. Prior to this home, they had lived in a smaller colonial in St. Margaret’s on the other side of the highway. Janie’s best friend had lived next door to her, and though she thought the new house was pretty, she…

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