Overhauling My Life…and My Wardrobe

YBlackDressesterday, as I sat on the back porch with my parents and spent a lovely Sunday afternoon, I faced the reality that the end is near.

“I had a hard time turning 50…I think it’s tough for women,” my mother said.

Um, you can say that again, Momma.

While turning 40 was probably the most jarring for me, I’ve sort of accepted that come August 16, as I turn a whopping 49 years old, I will be embarking on my last year in my forties.

I won’t lie about it. To borrow the words of Boris Karloff in “The Grinch,” it “Stinks. Stank. Stunk.”

BoomerinasMany changes have occurred over the past year for both my family and me—all of them incredibly positive in nature. We’ve overhauled a lot of things, including our address, the look of our house, pieces of furniture, the kids’ schools, friendships, activities, and involvement in our community, not to mention taking on new projects at work for both my husband and me. Life continues to evolve, and you can’t stop the wicked clock of time from moving ahead, so you might as well embrace it.

One of the things I’ve decided to pursue this summer is getting healthier. I’ve needed to drop some weight for a while, and I’ve embarked on a plan to do so this summer. Slowly, I’m slipping back into my clothes that I haven’t worn in a while.

But the biggest change will come this fall, when the plan takes full effect, and when I completely overhaul my wardrobe. As a now “mature woman of age,” I’ve wanted to blow up my wardrobe and start over for a while. This fall will be the time to do it. I’ve decided I want to improve my wardrobe, and this will mean buying quality pieces as opposed to quantity of pieces. I’ve preached this to women over the years when I was a fashion consultant. It’s not that we need to buy more clothes, it’s that we need to buy better clothes, and clothes that wear well and have mix and match possibilities.

When I wear something with color, people at work usually comment and say things like, “What? No black today?” And certainly, while black is my absolute favorite color, I’ve promised myself to infuse more color into my wardrobe.

Photo Credit: Chictopia.com
Photo Credit: Chictopia.com

Being stylish is both about how you wear your clothes and how you feel in your clothes.

I’m looking forward to feeling better, healthier, smarter, and more chic by the time my birthday…and the fall semester…rolls around.

Photo credit: helloframboise.com
Photo credit: helloframboise.com

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  • Deborah

    So many things to relate to. I just entered my last year before another milestone. It’s hard to embrace it, but I’m trying. 🙂
    I did some upgrading of my wardrobe last summer, and it really served me well. Especially because it was part of a campaign to drop a few pounds. I’ve had some good success with it, and am going to tackle a few more pounds in August, now that I’ve been maintaining for almost two months. 🙂
    Enjoy the year! I’ve been doing a count-up thing where I try to post about observations along the way. I don’t use it as often as I had intended, but I may become more intentional about that as well. I guess we’ll “enjoy” this year together. 🙂

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