Friend. Friend. Unfriend. Friend.

One of my former students (I can say this now because last week she graduated!!! woo-hoo!!) wrote this post, and I felt compelled to share. We all have these thoughts about Facebook friends. Do you unfriend?

Faithful Elephant

As I type this blog post, I hear thunder and see flashes of lightning. Given the spirit of a storm, how can I not spark a controversial post? This isn’t completely controversial, but it certainly can stir up good conversation. Tonight’s topic is Facebook Friends: To keep them or not to keep them… that is the question.

At the start of finals week, I found myself looking through old photos from high school and the start of college. I remember adding people I met ONE TIME and hoped we would stay friends because of the Facebook request. I began to wonder how many, of my 1,261 friends, were actually my “friend.” The definition of the word friend (according to is “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.” I hate to admit that at least 1,200 of those Facebook friends do not fit that definition…

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