The Best Advice You Ever Got

JupiterThe best advice you ever got—

And over the years you’ve heard a lot—

Didn’t come in the way of a bang and pop!

Didn’t come among a fertile crop.

It didn’t call out in the dead of night

When creepy crawlers come out to bite.

It wasn’t seen among the stars—

The moon, Jupiter or dusty Mars.

It didn’t have legs and walk away,

It stayed to face interminable days.

It helped you survive the bleakest clouds,

When you wanted to quit, but then said aloud,

That what you’ve lost wasn’t meant to be,

In pain, you cry, the dichotomy.

One side, like a coin; do not to toss aside,

The other, a symbol, shouts run and hide.

The best advice you ever got—

As it quietly emerged from beneath the rot.

And from disappointing people who vanish a lot,

And dare to aim, but miss the shot—

Was to heed your heart, for it’s the glue,

What others believe may not be true.

What others say, you pay no mind,

Some things are better left behind.


© Stephanie Verni, April 2014


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