Carriefully, I Took The Quiz

I love a good pinstripe dress. Have one of my own, in fact.

Last night, as I was tucking myself in, exhausted from the busy week, I saw my friend Scott post on Facebook that he got Charlotte in the “Sex and The City” online quiz. I don’t ever take these celebrity quizzes, but this one intrigued me because I’ve always thought of myself as Carrie (as do many millions of other women; I am not alone).

Nevertheless, I took the quiz to see if what I had in my head about myself matched this celebrity test. I carefully took it, paying close attention to every question and answered each honestly.

As an avid “Sex and The City” viewer—and someone who owns the box set and two books about the show—I felt as if I knew the characters intimately. As well, I felt I knew which one I was like and which one I wasn’t like.

I love hats…even with her tartan one, there’s still an air of romance to this ensemble.

Please don’t let me come out as Samantha, I thought.

Don’t get me wrong: I loved Samantha’s character; she was awesome, but I’m much more of a romantic than Samantha could ever be. If I could have any one of the character’s wardrobes, it would undoubtedly be Carrie’s. She thought like a romantic, and she dressed like a romantic. And, she was a writer.

I’m happy to report, it came out as I expected. I got Carrie.


I was getting a little concerned when I was answering the questions. I would have been distraught if I got Miranda (I’m nothing like her), and Charlotte, while I find her adorable, we’re simply not cut from the same mold.

Here’s what it said when I scored “Carrie:”

You are strong and independent. Like a butterfly, you live your life carefree. You have a penchant for fashion and style. When it comes to love, you know exactly what you should do…in your head. But your heart may not always listen. Among your friends, you play an important role as the connector.

This is all true, though I’m not as carefree as I’d like to be. I’ll have to work on that.

To take the quiz yourself, click here.

All three of these outfits say “romantic.” I have a similar pair of shoes. In fact, I wore them today at our campus event.

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  • vanyieck

    I tried one of those quizzes once. It was a Star Wars quiz. I was the tie-figther pilot who always dies in a fiery explosion. Oh well…

  • Deborah

    I may be one of the only people in the world who hasn’t seen much–OK any–of this series. But from what one can’t help see on the internet, Carrie is definitely her own woman and a romantic to book. I can see how you would fit that persona. And how anything else would have indicated a problem with the quiz and not with your assessment of yourself (and Carrie). 😉

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