For Valentine’s Day: Text Messages Are Not Substitutes For Cards

This is still as true today as it was two years ago when I wrote it. Maybe even more so.

Steph's Scribe | The Website of Author Stephanie Parrillo Verni


As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s just set the record straight—and not just for Valentine’s Day, but as a year-round clarification.

Sending “lovey-dovey” text messages are not permitted as a substitute for sending a heartfelt card or letter to someone you care a great deal for this holiday.

There, I’ve said it. (And I promise you, I do not work for Hallmark, nor am I employed by the U.S. Postal Service).

Months ago I offered instructions on how to write a love letter (click here to see it). How often do we really take the time to pen something in our own hand, scrawl heart-felt words on paper, and give a meaningful gift of ourselves to someone else? It’s rare these days. But this Valentine’s, put the phone away and force your fingers not to tap and click all over your iPhones, Droids, or Blackberries. Instead, promise yourself you’ll…

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