Three Solid Reasons Why I Could Be A Member of the Grantham Family on Downton Abbey

Everyone loves the show. It’s an amazing hit, and PBS and friends at Masterpiece Theatre should be feeling very proud of themselves. With merchandise sales predicted to top $250 million in 2014, there’s a Downton Abbey craze going on right now, and it doesn’t have to do with ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, or Showtime.

As I’ve thought this through, I realized why I am so enamored with the show. It’s because I can see myself as part of the Grantham family. Therefore, I put before you valid reasoning as to why I could be a sister, cousin, or close-knit family friend to the gang at Downton Abbey.

The Grantham Sisters’ beautiful clothes.

#1: The Clothes.

Oh, my! The richness and gorgeousness of the clothes are breathtaking. As I watch Lady Mary prepare to go to dinner whilst Anna does her hair and makeup, and then watch her descend the stairs looking stunning for drinks and dining, I just know I could quite easily adapt to being pampered. What a luxury known only to the super rich! You might have to twist my arm, but I might succumb and join the clan for the clothes alone.

The richness of the Downton dinner and conversation.
The richness of the Downton dinner and conversation.

#2: The Dinner Conversation.

It make take some conniving and buttering up to Carson, but I would do my very best to ask to placed next to Grandmama. I would want to be a part of her vibrant conversations, ripe with compliments and daggers, sarcasm and wit. Who wouldn’t want to sit around and chat for hours? Who wouldn’t want to hear the Dowager Countess’s one liners?

The Dowager Countess, aka Granny.
The Dowager Countess, aka Granny.

#3: The Constant Guests.

Those of you who know me intimately know I love entertaining and hosting guests at my own home. It is never a burden for me to entertain friends and family. The revolving door that is Downton is fantastic—there is always someone coming for a visit. It’s sort of like Mystery Date…remember that game? You would turn the knob and see which guy was going to be your mystery date. Downton Abbey’s front door reminds me of this, with a twist. There is never a dull moment and friends and royalty are always welcome to dine with the Granthams.

For these three reasons alone, being a part of the family would be fun. I didn’t even mention the house, the grounds, the gardens, or the downstairs help, because we all know those are a given.

Doesn't everyone wait for his guests in this manner?
Doesn’t everyone wait for his guests in this manner?


Welcome back, Downton Abbey. This season has been fun so far.

Who used to play this game? Mystery Date.
Who used to play this game? Mystery Date.

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