Life Without Matthew

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I’ve been struggling with the loss of Matthew since last season. And now we are expected to pull up our big girl pants and deal with his death.

Downton Abbey fans: Have you properly mourned him yet?

Two of my favorite characters are dead: Lady Sybil and Matthew Crawley. I’m sure most of you fans feel the same way.

To be honest, I’m not approaching this season with the same vigor as I have in years past. Watching Matthew die alone in a car crash was too sad; seeing Lady Sybil pass away after giving birth was disturbing. And how can you not feel badly for Matthew’s mother, Mrs. Crawley?

Yet, here it is, what we’ve all been waiting for—the season premier of Downton Abbey. I can’t wait to see the Dowager Countess back in action, as she sharpens her tongue for some great one-liners (Maggie Smith really does steal most of the scenes). It will be interesting to see Lord Grantham function without Matthew’s wisdom and encouragement, and of course we have the bitter sisterly relationship between Lady Mary and Lady Edith, with Mary now raising the sole male heir to Downton Abbey.

On the flip side, I’ve had enough of Thomas’s and Ms. O’Brien’s schemes. They are bad for the sake of being bad, although the writers let us feel some compassion for Thomas’s character last year.

I purposely have not watched or paid attention to ANYTHING about the show since its tragic and surprising closing sequence. I don’t want the media to spoil how I approach these upcoming episodes. I’ve tried to avoid all of the hype.

Let’s hope this season proves to be one worth waiting for, as it’s been a long time now, yet somehow the wound of Matthew’s loss still feels fresh.

What can one do but get ready to move on and try to enjoy life without Matthew.


Carry on, Carson. Carry on.


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