Unusually Grinchy…

GrinchYup. It happened.

After weeks of forcing my kids to take vitamins and begging them to wear coats, stating over and over again that ‘we don’t want to be sick for Christmas,’ my son started vomiting last night around 6 pm. He’s still down for the count on the couch. We were supposed to be at an event tonight, but that’s not happening. As well, we are expecting a houseful of company.

And the best part is what I’m about to tell you. In fact, if I wrote this in a novel you would say, “No way that could ever happen. Way too coincidental.”

My son did not want to eat the soup I made. My daughter came home from the mall with her friend. I asked if she was hungry. She said yes. I warmed up a bowl of soup for her. I put it on the table with her book and told her to eat it there. She didn’t hear me, and yes, you guessed it, she sat at the bar where my son had left his bowl of soup and mistakingly ate his. I’m afraid Round Two will be upon us momentarily.

As such, I’m feeling a little Grinchy, and that’s not the typical me. I’m usually pretty positive and upbeat.

So, here’s my ode to “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

You know how to sing it…we’ll take it from Day 12 down…

12 burnt cookies

11 broken ornaments

10 jugs of wassail

9  Mariah Carey songs

8  Hallmark reruns

7  sold out jerseys

6  stale fruit cakes

5  bags of coal

4  winks of sleep

3  Redskin wins

2 tired parents and

A Kid who came down with the flu….


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