Lessons from “The Holiday” and James Cameron: Be the Leading Lady of Your Life and Find Some Gumption

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I could watch “The Holiday” over and over, and it’s not just to see charming Jude Law in action. Nancy Meyers’s adorable flick became a rom-com favorite of mine because I especially love the relationship between Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach), a retired Hollywood screenwriter, and Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet), a British journalist on holiday in L.A. How sweet and special is this relationship? And what lessons can we learn from it?

I’m allowing this movie relationship to influence a short story I’m currently writing (the first part of it I posted a few weeks ago) that involves a nurturing relationship between a younger woman and an older woman. My two characters make a connection because they have both lost their immediate families. I hope to complete this story and illustrate how we can learn from others and that something beautiful can grow from a new relationship of shared affections and…

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