My Husband’s Other Favorite Christmas Cookie (On Today’s Friday Fashion & Food)

Chocolate Chip MintSo in reverse order today, I’ll be showcasing a recipe first, and then a stylish fashion look.

* * *

We had a good laugh about it last night. My husband found it hilarious that I was blogging about his favorite Christmas cookie.

But, of course, in typical fashion, he second-guessed me.

“Are you sure that’s my favorite cookie?” he asked.

“Yes. You * love them,” I said. (Note: the * stands for an expletive I used before the word love.)

“But there are also those mint chocolate chips…they are to die for too,” he said.

“So, are you going to be taking over my blog? We could rename it Anthony’s Favorite Cookies,” I joked.

And so it appears I am yet again blogging about my husband, or rather my husband’s taste buds.

Here’s the other * cookie recipe that he tried to tell me rivals the STRIPPERS.

However, this one does need a sexier name.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies (Betty Crocker)

* * *


ChanelBagFashion: European Flair

Today’s two fashion looks I just love. They both have a little bit of European flair to them. The first one featuring the Chanel bag, fuzzy scarf, and plaid skirt borrows from the traditional British look and makes it trendy. Oh! Do I need to say ANYTHING about those boots? Yes, I do. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s boots.

The second one reminds me of a Paris girl. Pretty.

Be daring.

Try something new.


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