Fashion Friday & Food Week Three: Two LBDs (Little Black Dresses) and Some Pumpkin Muffins

4e7ffcabf19c0b84129ea9886d4e8396Those who know me, know my favorite clothing color is black. It hides a multitude of sins, looks elegant and classic, and is versatile (you have the ability to dress it up or dress it down). So it goes with the LBD, or Little Black Dress.

Pictured here is a great look: a zippered dress with classic lines, and more of an A-line cut toward the hip area. Anyone who is a pear shape or curvy woman knows what this type of dress can do for them: it flatters.

Her accessories are minimal—bangles on the left wrist, with striking red nail polish. Her long choppy bob is adorable, and on her feet are some fabulous lace-up booties with a peep toe.

Seriously…what’s not to like about this LBD?

LBD2* * *

The second look is another take on the LBD. With a chambray gray shirt underneath it, the look is instantly changed to a classic one. Adorning the collar area, she is wearing a thick gold necklace that pulls all of the accessories together. The straight-cut of the belted dress is an altogether classic one. Her gold accessories, black bag, and leopard satchel all accent the outfit, along with her aviator sunglasses. Topping it all off, are her thick-strapped, ankle pointed shoes, which add a funky vibe to this otherwise sophisticated look.

* * *

pumpkin MuffinsPUMPKIN MUFFINS

The spotlighted food for this week are pumpkin muffins from Smitten Kitchen. Click here to get this recipe. It is that time of the year, after all.

Have a lovely weekend.

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