A Trick and A Treat

My Annual Queen Costume…here with my kiddos circa 2008.

It was Halloween sometime in the 1970s. I was elementary school aged. All of the kids on my street where I grew up knew that it was one of the greatest nights of the year. We all went around together, shouting “trick or treat” and came home with oodles of candy. It was perfect. There was enough candy to keep me sick for weeks.

I’ll never forget the one particular house where the husband was dressed as Dracula and the wife was dressed as some kind of vampire too. His cape flowed and his fangs were monstrous. He came out of the coffin and delivered us our candy in the most perfect Transylvania accent; eerie music played, and we were all petrified to open our bags for fear he might drag us into the coffin. It was the greatest trick—to scare us all in good fun.

As an adult, the greatest treat I have is seeing little kids come to my door dressed in a variety of adorable costumes. And while I won’t be Dracula or his bride, I’ll be wearing my standard-wear-it-every-year Queen costume as I hand out the candy.

So for me, it’s not Trick OR Treat, but rather a Trick AND Treat that makes it special. I haven’t thought of that man dressed as Dracula in a while. However,  I hope he’s still at it.

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