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RainTaxTalkI know you find it hard to believe, but it’s happening here in Maryland. It’s called the RAIN TAX, and people are outraged and want to learn more about this latest tax to citizens. This sign made me laugh: even at the local Arnold Senior Center, there is talk about it.

If you want to read more about this tax that has us all wondering when the CLOUD TAX will take place, see this article from The Frederick News-Post.

In this poll from CNN Money, it says that Maryland ranks #2 in terms of highest tax rates.

Let’s hope God lets a little less rain fall on Maryland, cuz it’s gonna cost us.

And that, my friends, is What The Sign Says.

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  1. A perfect example for your PR class – Bad PR, if they called it a Save the Bay, Save Steamed Crabs tax, people would probably object less. But, let’s face it who likes taxes. Love your posts. Julie

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