Home Ec Class & A Conversation with My Son

HomeEcThe conversation I am about to relay unfolded in this manner this morning, with three surprises as the result. It went something like this:

“Mommy, guess what we made this week in Home Ec?” (They call it something other than this in schools today, but I choose to ignore it…it’s termed something like Family & Consumer Science, but Home Ec works just fine for my storytelling puposes.)

“What, honey?”

“Eggs with turkey in these little cups. It was really good.”

I am astonished to hear him utter these words, as my son is the pickiest eater in our household. I often watch him turn his nose up at the most delectable of dishes.

“Sounds interesting,” I say.

“Can I make them this morning? I have the recipe.”

“Well, we might not have time this morning…I have a meeting on campus, and I need to get you off to Nanny’s and Poppy’s house. Can we do it tomorrow on Saturday?”

“No, I want to make them now. It won’t take long. Ellie will help me.”

“Ok,” I say, “but I need to jump in the shower, so be careful. Don’t burn your hands on the stove.”

“I won’t,” he says. Then, he calls down the stairs, “Come on, Ellie!”

I go into the shower wondering what the heck is unfolding in my kitchen. This is a big first for me. My son is in charge in the kitchen. They’ve never been left to their own devices in there, let alone with my son leading the charge. I am bewildered: Chef Matt is making some unknown, and hopefully edible, concoction from Home Ec class.

It all seems a bit peculiar.

Surprise #1: They survive in the kitchen alone.

* * *

After I dress, I hear Matt call up to me. “I have one for you, Mommy.”

I walk down the stairs and the table is set, and there is my petite egg and ham meal on my plate. A glass of juice is even poured for me.

“Wow!” I say.  “For me? This is a first. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he says, proudly.

The three of us sit down and enjoy our meal of this Home Ec Egg/Ham/Turkey Dish, toast, and juice.

And therein lies surprise #2.

* * *

We eat it and like it. There is nothing left to say.

And that, my friends, is surprise #3.

* * *

I don’t remember making anything in Home Ec class that either looked tasty or was edible. Ever.

For my little meal this morning, I am thankful. My son learned his way around the kitchen, and I didn’t have to make breakfast.

That makes it worthwhile to celebrate today’s middle school Family & Consumer Science class.

Long live, Home Ec.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ann says:

    Great post, Steph!. I still remember making homemade croutons in home ec.

    My daughter called it FACS. When my son went to school it was Foods I & II if my memory is correct. He loved it when the teacher brought in someone from CIA in Baltimore. They made some Thai food.

    1. Yup. That’s what they call it. FACS. Hilarious. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Anonymous says:

    waiting to learn what chef matt is making for his next meal surprise.

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