Déjà vu. Again. Déjà vu. Again. Déjà vu. Again.

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That’s about how it goes. You have déjà vu. You think you’ve been somewhere before, known someone before, done something before. Most people have experienced an aspect of déjà vu in some way or another.

“I feel like I’ve been here before.”

“I feel like I’ve done that before.”

“I feel like I know you from another life.”

It’s not that far-fetched, really. For example, just last night I was lying in bed reading, and I had the strangest sensation NOT that I’d done that before (because I pretty much read most nights before I go to sleep), but that I’d experienced that exact moment in time in another moment in time.

OnceUponATime - Credit: FanPop.com
OnceUponATime – Credit: FanPop.com

It’s different than what’s happening on “Once Upon A Time,” one of my favorite shows on television right now. In their world, they are experiencing their fairy tale lives and present day lives in Storybrooke simultaneously. With déjà vu, it is like we have lived that particular experience before.

Haven’t you ever said to somebody, “I think we knew each other in a previous life,” or “maybe we were married in another life”? It would be helpful if you actually like the person you say that to, otherwise, it could mean you didn’t have a happily ever after in a previous existence in time.

What is it about déjà vu that makes it so creepy or realistic or intriguing? Certain religions do not believe in reincarnation, while others do (Scientology, for example, believes in the reincarnation of the spirit/soul … whatever they call it). So, could we have lived a previous life and that’s why things are so familiar to us when they should be completely unfamiliar?

These thoughts are rhetorical for the most part, but it does warrant a thoughtful response to a more direct question:

How many times have you personally experienced déjà vu in your life, and after it happened, could you pinpoint why it was so strong at the moment?

I wish I had answers for you, readers.

But alas, I do not.

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  • mandyevebarnett

    I could fill this reply box but will not…best to say I have studied reincarnation, experienced it first and second hand and couldn’t guess how many times I experienced deja vu. I have proof I lived before at least three times but I have ‘seen’ another four .

    • Steph's Scribe/Stephanie Verni

      That’s wild and creepy. Absolutely intriguing. I love Kevin Costner’s line in “Bull Durham,” when Susan Sarandon says she thinks she lived before and was a Queen or something…and he says, “Why does everyone think they were someone famous in another life?” I’m interested in your proof of living a previous life…tell me more.

      • mandyevebarnett

        OK well I started studying it when I was nursing and a patient foresaw what I did after he passed – freaked me out at the time! Anyway I was regressed – seven doors in front of me. Went through three. Found historical proof of the mansion I worked in as maid in Who’s Who’s (England). Other one I could not read & write so no way I could delve deeper. Last one was the one that ‘proved’ it to me. From early childhood I wanted to be First Nations squaw, fascinated in that culture. Third door I was old squaw – I thought wishful thinking on my part. But once I found mansion had second thoughts. Five years later my cousin found our great great grandfather had married squaw – that was me! Lots of deja vu when I visited historical castles and houses in England – one was Marie Antoniette’s clock – my friend had to catch me as I was falling backwards. I knew I had lost that clock and had been punished for it. Have you got goosebumps yet?

      • Steph's Scribe/Stephanie Verni

        Goosies, for sure. Very complicated stuff. I don’t know what I believe myself, but I certainly have very strong pulls toward things and people, sometimes for unknown reasons. Are you going to write about this in some fashion?

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