An Inspiring White, I Mean, Right Office

Photo credit: State Interiors
Photo credit: State Interiors

I don’t know if it’s because it’s spring (yes, it is by the calendar, though no signs of warmth, chirping birds, oodles of sunshine and flowers are in sight), but I’m obsessed with writing spaces and in what types of spaces we like to work. When I talk to other writers, it’s interesting to hear what kind of space inspires him or her. Some don’t mind the mess of books and papers, chalkboards and pinboards, or piles on the floor. Some prefer colorful places and a window with a view.feminine office

As of now, I’m obsessed with the cleanliness and femininity of white spaces. The color white is refreshing and bright; it is light and airy. Plus, what’s great about white is when you add a splash of color, that color pops and can add a totally different quality to the space. I’ve always loved feminine rooms. My house has feminine touches in it that I’ve added myself.

Photo credit: Downsize my
Photo credit: Downsize my

These images I’ve pulled are spaces that I think are beautiful! I love the feel of the white room, and am pretty sure I could be inspired to write in any one of them.Feminine-home-office


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  1. Seb says:

    No… they are all too twee… they seem like they are for looking at not working in

    1. I know what you mean…too pretty to work in…I will post what mine looks like now.

  2. For me, a great necessity is light! My apartment now is so dark and dreary its so difficult to get inspired!

  3. I agree. I like light. Anything too dark is gloomy, and I don’t work well in gloom.

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