Baseball, Jackie Robinson & Google

Today, Google honored Jackie Robinson on its main page in the logo. The artwork is really amazing.

jackie_robinsons_94th_birthday-1015005-hpHappy 94th birthday, Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson was a tremendous athlete, both at Pasadena Junior College and UCLA, where he received varsity letters in four sports (basketball, football, track & baseball).

He served as Lieutenant in the Army from 1942 – 1944 until he was discharged. Robinson joined the Negro Leagues, where he remained until Branch Rickey, General Manager and President of the Brooklyn Dodgers, offered Robinson a contract in 1945. This signing broke the color lines in baseball, and Jackie Robinson remains the first African-American to play major league baseball.

In 1947, he was the Rookie of the Year, and was the National League MVP in 1947. In 1955, he and the Dodgers won the World Series, beating the New York Yankees.

He was the first African-American inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.

To learn more about Jackie Robinson, visit the video link below:

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