Steph’s Scribe’s 10 Favorite Places on the Planet (thus far)

It’s January 20th. The month isn’t even over, and I’m already thinking about vacations. I can’t wait to get to some warmer weather. Additionally, we’re thinking of doing a “big trip” this year with the kids, and we’re trying to select our destination. In doing some research, I thought I’d post my Top 10 Favorite Places on the Planet, with photos included to whet your appetite.

The best part about traveling is what you gain from it, no matter how close or how far you go. It broadens you as a person. Meeting new people is delightful; I want my children to have that experience and to understand and appreciate the value of travel.

Additionally, I’ve written about it before, but there is nothing better than keeping a journal of your travels. It’s a wonderful way to relive it upon your return over and over again, and years later, when the trip is so far behind you.

I’ve got the itch to travel. Do you?

As of January 20, 2013, these are my favorite places to visit on the planet, counting down from #10 to #1.

#10: The Divi Beach Resort, Aruba
Annapolis, MD
#9 – Annapolis, MD
#8 - Duck, NC
#8 – Duck, North Carolina in the Outer Banks
#7 - New York City
#7 – New York City, New York
#6 - Florence, Italy
#6 – Florence, Italy
#5 - San Gimignano, Italy
#5 – San Gimignano, Italy
#4 – Naples, Florida
The Breakers Resort
#3 – The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida
#2 - Spanish Steps, Italy
#2 – Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

And now, drum roll please, tied for first place…

The Cotswolds, England
#1 – The Cotswolds, England
#1 - Venice, Italy
#1 – Venice, Italy

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4 thoughts on “Steph’s Scribe’s 10 Favorite Places on the Planet (thus far)

  1. Here are mine:

    1. Paris
    2. Jougne (Jura, France):énérale.JPG
    3. Guadeloupe
    4. Papeete, Tahiti – a hotel looking out at Moorea from a pool with a disappearing edge:
    5. Rarotonga, The Cook Islands:
    6. Aitutaki, The Cook Islands:
    7. Florence
    8. Sitka, Alaska:,_Alaska
    9. Denali National Park, Alaska:
    10. Scotland

  2. Hey Steph 🙂 First of all, awesome photos. I really enjoy seeing places I’ve been to photographed by other people. It gives me a different perspective of a place I’m so familiar with–like New York City. And, of all the places on earth that is so incredible to visit…my favorite place is Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. I love the area, the people, the feeling I get when I’m there. Overall, it inspires me and keeps me thinking of the future.

  3. I agree whole heartedly! Let’s add these…Carmel, CA, Quebec (Canada), St. Wolfgang (Austria), and Taromina (Sicily).Pack your bags and goooooooooooooo!!!

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