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logoThere was a lot of excitement this week…

It all started Monday night, when ABC2’s THE LIST featured BENEATH THE MIMOSA TREE on the show. It was a thrill to see the piece come together. Many thanks go to Steven, Nicki, Suzette, and my husband for helping this come to fruition.

FrankSinatraHasAColdThis week also marked the beginning of the spring semester. I hope my student are busy reading FRANK SINATRA HAS A COLD by Gay Talese, one of the greatest profile pieces ever written. We’ll be talking about that in magazine class this upcoming week. Originally written for Esquire in April 1966, it’s a classic snapshot that delves into Sinatra during a certain period of his life.

On Tuesday night, I stayed up until 2 a.m. to finish THE KITCHEN HOUSE. Admittedly, I couldn’t put it down and wanted to see what happened to all the characters. I’ll be formally reviewing the book on GOODREADS, so if you want to get connected and share book reviews, check me out there. We can “swap” book stories  and make recommendations.

The-Kitchen-HouseLast night I attended my first book club meeting as a “new” member. THE LADIES OF CLARKSVILLE/COLUMBIA invited me to join their book club after I was their guest author in December. I was thrilled to be asked, as I haven’t been in a book club in years, and we had a hearty discussion of THE KITCHEN HOUSE in Chris’s family room last night, replete with southern recipes Chris prepared for us as hostess. I’m enjoying getting to know my new friends! So much fun! We picked our next book, THE LOST WIFE, and I look forward to the February meeting.TheLostWife

Along with my friend, Jenny, we also met a couple of other folks, Jack and Jamie. It’s always wonderful to connect with people who share a love of reading, books, and the appreciation for the beauty of books. As Jack said, “In every room in my house, there are books. I love the Kindle for traveling, but I hope books never go away.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

p.s. Speaking of magazines, Baltimore’s Joe Flacco graced the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, which leaves me only to say, Go Ravens!

Joe Flacco makes the cover of Sports Illustrated.
Joe Flacco makes the cover of Sports Illustrated.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let’s hope the Ravens escape the SI curse!!!

    1. We can only hope. Now that our beloved Redskins are out of it, we must give all our support to our other team. Let’s go Flacco!

      1. Jack Flacco says:

        Nothing quite like the Flacco fling 🙂

      2. You two share a great last name!

      3. Jack Flacco says:

        We do, Steph! We do 😉

  2. Mary Best says:

    Hey Stephanie! I enjoyed the Lost Wife very much. It’s a sad one so be prepared. Without giving any thought to it I read 4 books in a row that centered around WW II. Have you read City of Women? Wonderful book in case you are starting a WW II theme of your own! My WW II reading frenzy lasted a couple of months this past summer. I got out of my WW II rut and read a variety of things for the remainder of the year, however I am now reading another WW II book set in Germany…not sure what this says about me:)

    Watching, hoping and praying for a Ravens win too!


    1. Oh…I hope it’s not too sad!!! My book club is reading it!

      And, how about ‘dem Ravens???

  3. Flacco’s not gonna be smiling like that when that fiercesome 49ers defense comes roaring at him time and time again!!! Just sayin’.

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