Five Al Fresco Dining Spots You Won’t Want to Miss

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy al fresco dining. Feeling the fresh air on our faces whilst we enjoy food or a cocktail is, as one friend used to say, “simply the best.” It’s cold here in Baltimore, and the holidays are over. I’m no longer dreaming of a White Christmas, but rather of a night out sipping cocktails and enjoying a splendid view in warmer weather. In fact, after reading an article in The Baltimore Sun about a man who wanted to celebrate a milestone birthday by having an intimate, catered al fresco party, I’ve decided that’s what I want when the next big one comes along.

What follows are my favorite picks for outdoor dining and drinks al fresco style.

#5–Campiello Restaurant, Naples, Florida


#4 — Flagler Steakhouse, West Palm Beach, Florida at The Breakers

Flagler Steakhouse
Flagler Steakhouse

#3 — Salon de Ning, Peninsula Hotel, New York City

Salon de Ning
Salon de Ning

#2 — Hotel Forum, Rome, Italy

Hotel Forum
Hotel Forum

#1 — Cecconi’s, Miami Beach, Florida


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This sounds like a new bucket list for me!

  2. Julie wagner says:

    Take me away to one of these spots!

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