“An Old Fashioned Christmas” on Hallmark Channel

Jacqueline Bisset stars in “An Old Fashioned Christmas” based on a short story by Louisa May Alcott. Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel.

Last year, I was so disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to see “An Old Fashioned Christmas,” starring Jacqueline Bisset, Catherine Steadman, and Leon Ockenden. To my wonderful surprise, the film ran a couple of weeks ago, and I set my DVR. I had the opportunity to watch it over Thanksgiving break, and let me assure you, it’s a real treat.

First, it takes place in Ireland, which sets it apart from other typical seasonal Hallmark films—not that I’m knocking the others—I’m the biggest Hallmark movie fan going. But this one feels different from the opening credits. It’s the story of a grandmother and her granddaughter. The granddaughter has aspirations of becoming a writer, and the grandmother seeks the help of her former beau, the Earl of Shannon, to help her with her writing. Along the way, we meet the Earl’s spoiled son, and Gad, the granddaughter’s current fiancé. It’s ultimately a story of love, forgiveness, family, and what it means not to be selfish.

Having Jacqueline Bisset play the grandmother was a very smart move; she adds an air of elegance, stubbornness, and snobbery that offsets her granddaughter, Tilly’s, sweet personality. However, Tilly becomes enamored with the the Earl and his son’s opulent style of living, and therein lies the problem.

I’d recommend this movie to those who love Christmas, period pieces, and quality made-for-television movies. The story is based on a short story by Louisa May Alcott, author of “Little Women.” I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. In fact, this film has a couple of twists that only seasoned Hallmark movie viewers may see coming.

For more information on this film, visit Hallmark Channel by clicking here, or watch the video trailer below.

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