Some of my besties…all former Orioles employees except for Ms. Jennifer Steier, in black O’s shirt.

With all due respect to Yankees fans, people like my cousin Chrysti, Louis, my Jersey relatives and my husband’s relatives, my kid-sitter Lauren, and my former counterpart at the Yankees who’s still a fan, Gregg Mazzola, it’s time.

Time for revenge.

As a front office employee during the 1996 ALCS, I sat and cried when the Yankees beat us. I could smell my World Series ring. I thought it would be the year. The team was good, Davey Johnson was at the helm, and the Orioles were strong.

Of course, a World Series didn’t come to pass for Baltimore.

But tonight, who knows what will happen. We’ve waited patiently for a very long time. Now, 16 years later, I’ll be in my seats rooting for an Orioles win, rooting for them to go all the way.

I will never get a ring as my professional life is in the field of education now, but my longtime friends who are loyal front office employees just may. I’m so happy for them. What a year to work for the club!

Here’s to Baltimore. Here’s to the Orioles. Here’s to an exciting playoff.

It’s so nice to feel the magic again.

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6 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. That first game in the ’96 ALCS was one of my true heartbreak moments. I can still see *that* moment, clear as day. We were going to the Big Show that year, no doubt about it. This year – why not! The team is playing off raw guts and genuine spirit. Go you Os!

      1. That was raw courage that got them through -a really inspiring game. The clubhouse vibe there must be incredible!

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