It’s All In The Bag

My Blue Bag by Bueno from Nordstrom Rack

Last week, I had a few moments to myself and I visited Nordstrom Rack in Annapolis. I ran in to look at some summer dresses. I purchased a couple of those, but one particular thing I came away with was the best surprise.

But let me backtrack—I have a gorgeous Coach briefcase. You’re probably familiar with it; it’s been around for years. It’s very simple, understated, and black. I adore it. The only problem is, as a professor, I accumulate lots and lots of papers and books, and am always carrying around stacks of materials. Sometimes someone would ask me for a paper or a book and I would have to say that it wouldn’t fit in my bag. That Coach briefcase is wonderful for meetings and conferences, but it doesn’t hold enough for my everyday academic life. Additionally, as a writer, I am always carrying around drafts of this and that, stacks of papers I can’t let go of at all.

Nevertheless, while at Nordstrom Rack, I stumbled upon this: A Blue Bag. It’s made by Bueno, and quite frankly I don’t care who makes it. The amazing thing is, it’s cute AND it will hold the multitude of the paraphernalia I will carry around with me all semester.

What a pleasant surprise.

Though it may be as big as I am, I look forward to using it. And this semester, I’ll be able to honestly say, “It’s all in the bag.”

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