Fashion Friday: How Would You Categorize Your Style?

In continuing the summer “Fashion Fridays” posts, I thought we’d talk about personal style this week. When I used to have my little fashion side business, we categorized women into four categories. For the most part, I asked women with which style they could best identify. On the show, “Sex and The City,” the characters each had four distinct style personalities and dressed accordingly. By way of example, I’ll use the four main characters from the show to illustrate my point.

The four primary styles are as follows:

Miranda-The Natural

1. The Natural Dresser

This personality likes…

Simple lines

Little or no accessories

Greater use of knits and denim

EXAMPLE: Miranda

Charlotte: Classically dressed

2. The Classic Dresser

This personality likes…

Simple and structured lines

Tailored fit

Classic detailing and accessories

EXAMPLE: Charlotte

Carrie Bradshaw: The Romantic

3. The Romantic Dresser

This personality likes…

Soft and curved lines

Feminine detailing

Romantic accessories

EXAMPLE: Carrie (and our featured look of the day)

Samatha Jones: Dramatic Flair

4. The Dramatic Dresser

This personality likes…

Dramatic and bold lines

Mixes colors, textures, and lines

Novel accessories

Fashion forward

Loves trends and trying them

Isn’t afraid of new looks

Whichever type you are, you don’t have to remain that way. You can mix things up or cross-over. Admittedly, I’m a romantic type, in who I am and how I dress, but I can be classic and dramatic, too. I’m rarely a natural unless I’m attending a swim meet.


Today’s featured looks are the Top 7 looks I would want to steal from Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, all with a romantic flair.

Happy Friday, and don’t be afraid to stretch it and try something new.

NEXT WEEK: How 9 pieces of clothing can yield 36 outfits.

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