There Is Still A Thing Called Privacy: Leave Kate & William Alone

The lovely Princess Diana.

Did the media learn nothing from the hunting down and photographing of Princess Diana years ago? Let us cross our fingers that the media treads a little more lightly with Kate than they did with Diana.

Today, The Palace is feeling hurt and betrayed. An Australian magazine has published photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton from their honeymoon, something the Royals and The Palace had asked to remain completely private for the couple. No tabloids or media outlets have violated this agreement until now.

The Daily Mail has an article that goes into more depth about the situation. To read it click here.

As someone who grew up adoring Princess Diana, as she was only a few years older than I am, it leaves me feeling a little distraught at what could happen for Kate, a lovely, mature, poised woman who braves the maelstrom of media attention every day to become the wife of a Prince.

I know she had a choice in the matter, and I also realize that she is in the public eye. But even people in the public eye have a right to a little privacy. And certain requests should be honored.

I remember a case several years ago when Jennifer Aniston’s privacy had been violated by a photographer who was shooting with a zoom lens into her house as he attempted to gain nude photos to sell for profit. The LA Times covered the case.

I teach feature writing and magazine writing, and we talk about ethical considerations when writing a story. There is still a thing called ethics, it’s just a shame it’s violated so often.

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