Being Tossed Aside: Trash In A Can

I was looking through my “collection” of poetry I’ve written and came across this poem. Some of the poetry I’ve penned makes me cringe because the poems were written with such emotion, it immediately brings me back to that moment, and sometimes I don’t want to be reminded of it. Some if it makes me cringe just because it’s so personal and I just don’t think it’s any good. We are our toughest critics.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d brave it and share this poem. Although “rhyming” poetry is not the flavor of the day, but rather more free-flowing prose seems to please in the style of Billy Collins, I still enjoy a rhyming poem now and then. I tend to write both forms.

This bitter piece makes me both laugh and cringe. It does rhyme, so be forewarned.

Anyone who has been through a break-up can relate. It’s about having the feeling you’ve been tossed aside.


Can he take back the hurt and just let me be?

It’s so disappointing, this love ecstasy.

It takes you way up to the top of the crest,

Then drops you below, and leaves you a mess.

The words sting like soap when it drips in your eyes,

And the day that he leaves you is such a surprise.

So easy to leave; so easy to go.

You cry and you wonder, how could it be so?

He tossed you away, like trash in a can,

Mistreatment like this was not part of the plan.

Yet you find quiet strength hidden inside,

Again though, you two will never collide

With his being, his soul; no love to deny.

Let him go, let him go, you say with a sigh.

For the path you now forge, included he’s not;

As you move on from decay and spoil and rot.

When one door shuts, yes, another opens wide;

If only the hurt that you bear would subside.

One thought on “Being Tossed Aside: Trash In A Can

  1. you should have shared this earlier ^^ I do like it ! Indeed I do, these r not just empty words to say to you 🙂

    I havent tossed away all the things i once had written, but i know i ll never look at them … 🙂

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