My Book Trailer (Again) for Beneath the Mimosa Tree

Here’s the created book trailer for “Beneath the Mimosa Tree.” It took me all day to get it right because there was a little glitch. I had posted it earlier, then took it down when I realized that GarageBand does not allow you to use a full clip of music royalty free. When I went to see how I would pay for the music I wanted to use, I couldn’t find the source and figure it out. So, I went in a new direction. I paid for the music you hear under this trailer, and that payment allows me full use of it, even commercial use.

So, it’s with tired eyes and dried up patience that I present you the new book trailer for “Beneath the Mimosa Tree.” I worked hard on it, believe me. If you feel inclined to share it with your friends, I’d be Oh-So-Appreciative.

Thank you.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Best says:

    I can only imagine the aggravation and frustration you experienced getting this together, but it was well worth it. What a fabulous trailer! LOVE all the pictures:)

  2. Sharon Blessing says:

    Looking forward to reading your book and meeting you at our book club!!

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