Breakfast With Michael Buble

This morning I was getting ready to go out the door. I was dressed casually, but nicely enough that my daughter knew I wasn’t going to be home working at the computer all day.

“Where are you going this morning?” she asked me as she was getting her breakfast together.

“Out for breakfast,” I said.

“Who are you going with?” she asked.

“You’ll never guess it,” I said.

She looked at me, mulled it over.

“Michael Buble?” she said.

I laughed. She is so funny and knows my affinity for Mr. Buble. Don’t ask me why it was top of mind for her this morning, but even as I’m writing this, I’m still laughing.

“No,” I said. “With Ms. Bari.” Ms. Bari is one of my good friends, and with our extremely busy schedules, we don’t often have the luxury of spending quality time together over breakfast.

“So not Michael Buble?” she asked.

“Nope. Not today.”

Have a great weekend, everyone.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast With Michael Buble

  1. I just love the thought that your daughter even thinks that is a possibility:) It’s all about perspective. Maybe I will get to have a beer with Bruce Springsteen one day! Have a fabulous weekend.

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