Retail Therapy: Good for the Soul

At the Queenstown Outlets, Eastern Shore, Maryland

Today was my first “official day” of spring break. Our university is on holiday, and as much as I absolutely LOVE being a professor, I needed some time to catch up on reading and to prepare lectures, as well as time to prep my forthcoming novel for distribution. Things take time, but today, I took a much needed break.

My mother came to the rescue. We went shopping and had lunch at a restaurant on the water. It was just what the doctor ordered.

We decided to venture to the Queenstown Outlets because the weather was absolutely gorgeous here…sunny and about 70 degrees, a bit of a blessing for those of us Marylanders who usually endure cold winters. It’s atypical for March.

I didn’t think about working or editing or writing today. I just enjoyed being outside, shopping, and gabbing with the woman who raised me and loves me despite all my faults.

It was a great day. I purchased a few blouses, two dresses, a necklace, and two pairs of sandals as I wait patiently for spring to officially arrive.

If you don’t think retail therapy works, give it a try. There’s something utterly refreshing about coming home with packages full of items to lift your spirits. I’m tired of wearing the same old things. It’s good to liven up the wardrobe and get rid of the old stuff.

Now all I need is a tan.

The view from the restaurant...


The goods...

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  1. Tim Miller says:

    You’re such a girl lol. Though when I got my bonus from work, I spent the day getting new tires, new laptop and a t ablet computer….so guess guys have their version lol

  2. glad U had a fantastic time and enjoy your day, especially that U had time to spend with your mom 🙂

    Thnx for sharing 😀

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