Today’s Inspirational Thought: Get Yourself A Journal

My New Leather Journal from Barnes & Noble

Yesterday I stopped off at Barnes & Noble to purchase a book for each of my children. After I visited the kids’ section, I wandered around, and then found myself standing in front of all the leather journals. As a pretty serious blogger now, I decided it was time I carried a blank book around with me so I can diary my thoughts. Blog post ideas can come at the most inopportune moments, and I often need to scribble them down while they are top of mind.

I picked out a beautiful, brown leather journal with string that keeps it in tact. It’s old fashioned, and just the look of it inspires me to write in it. I plan on keeping it with me in my purse so I will have it readily available. It’s my March resolution.

Additionally, journaling is for everyone. In fact, as an example, last night my friend Sue Ellen posted on Facebook a very funny story about her young son and his sleepwalking habit. It made me laugh, and I wrote to her that she should write the story down, capture it in words now as it’s happening. It will be perfect ammunition for later in life, perhaps to be incorporated into a short toast at his wedding or his graduation from Yale or Harvard.

Whether you’re someone like me who is constantly looking for ideas to prompt stories for the blogosphere or someone who just wants to release creative energy, a journal is the perfect place for you to house your own ideas, sketches, poetry, stories, lyrics, and thoughts. It’s a great storage space for your general creativity.

A Cute French-Inspired Journal, Barnes & Noble

Additionally, as an added bonus, it pulls you away from the computer screen. Sometimes, you just need to feel your pen moving across the paper. Both small and large ideas come to you, and the freedom of not looking at a blank cursor can be invigorating. Let your ideas fly across the page. Doodle. Draw a self-portrait. Write your name in swirly letters. Concoct a poem. Creative possibilities are endless inside that journal.

Nevertheless, just promise me this: the next time you visit a bookstore, take a look at the abundance of beautiful journals it has and consider it. Consider buying one and taking it home. Consider using it, even if it’s for your own personal use and your thoughts will not be shared with readers online in forums. You will grow from it. I’d be thoroughly surprised if you didn’t discover something new about yourself, even if it’s just that your swirly letters look pretty cool.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue Ellen Grove says:

    I’m going to get one this weekend. Swirly letters are just waiting for me to swirl them!

    1. Sue Ellen,

      Thanks for allowing me to use you as subject matter in the post. And yes, just having one nearby makes you want to write in it, swirly letters and all!!!


  2. Brian Brantley says:

    Spot on Steph….

    I have said this to almost all of my friends at some point. Doing things the old fashioned way is a beautiful thing. A great notebook and a great pen will take you anywhere you want to go. Will always be there for you when inspiration strikes. Actually, in some ways, it can be a best friend. A confidant of the utmost proportions. Whether it is what you did that day or how you miss your childhood friends, your journal hears it all. The best part.. it doesn’t judge you or ridicule you. All your journal says is “I’m here for you, tell me something”.

  3. Brian!!!

    Thanks for that great comment! You are so right. I love that. I can hear my journal saying…

    “I’m here for you, tell me something…write in me. Please….”


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