Ode to Catherine! Ode to the Heel!

Oh, the heel! Shoes featured above for sale now at DSW.com


I wrote this poem a while ago and just came across it. Some of my readers/friends know that I dabbled in fashion consulting for a while. This is my tribute to the sexy heel. Oh, and it’s also a good gift idea for men struggling to find that perfect present for your fashionista. Enjoy.



stiletto saunters,

turns heads

in a dress from Vogue.


pump prances,

gets looks

in a suit, all legs.


black boots

make entrance

at a meeting full of men.


can have

their sexual politics.


will hail

Queen Catherine de Medici,

Queen of the French Court,

Queen of the heel.

O! The heightened joy!

Pointy toe

Strappy sandal,

The young unto the old.


Its confidence, independence,

sexiness. So long flats!

Slip the foot inside;

Begin to stride, create

some sex appeal.

The way heels make me feel.

Hail Catherine!

Hail the heel!


Caterina de’ Medici, Queen of France,
1519-1589, was known as the “Mother of the High-Heel,” after a shoe featuring a four inch heel was made especially for her.
Catherine's 4" heel

2 thoughts on “Ode to Catherine! Ode to the Heel!

  1. I did not put on a pair of heels until high school graduation, and I don’t think I put on another until I was 28. But then a switch just flipped, and now I crave height the way I crave those beautiful cookies in your Christmas carb post. All of a sudden I realized it was true what everyone says about them making your legs look a mile long, and I Google heels like a 12-year-old Googles Justin Bieber. But (also like Justin Bieber) they are terrible. They are ruining my feet. But at least I’m not alone. 🙂

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