My First Published Poem on The Whistling Fire

I woke up early this morning and noticed that my poem, “The Things He Cherished,” had been published on The Whistling Fire (click on The Whistling Fire to view it). Lauren Cummings, the editor, had contacted me back in April to let me know it would be published on June 30. As promised, there it was. She doesn’t mess around! I was as ecstatic then as I am now; seeing it on The Whistling Fire’s site for folks to read makes me so happy.

I wrote this poem as an assignment in my poetry class. It’s a sestina poem, which requires that the six end words you use repeat in a set pattern in six stanzas, with a three line end stanza that’s usually like a farewell or finale. There’s a certain math/language pattern to it; the word repetition can be a little tricky and it took many rewrites to get it just the way I wanted it.

I hope you enjoy “The Things He Cherished.” It’s really special to me and will always remind me of my time at NU working on my MFA, writing, writing, writing, and trying to get this poem just right.

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